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For Chrissy Metz, playing her character Kate on "This Is Us" is almost like playing herself a decade ago.

"Kate was me probably about nine years ago, when I first moved to L.A. and so of course I have similarities, like we're both plus size women and still wanting to look good and to feel good about ourselves," she said of her breakout character on the wildly popular NBC show. "We're not depressed crying in the corner and just mad at the world. So, there are a lot of similarities but there are a lot of differences as well."

She continued, "I think I was lot like Kate in my earlier years before I was really secure with who I was and really knew that our bodies don't define us, they just happen to be our vessels."

The 36-year-old actress told Wendy Williams on Friday, Feb. 17 that it is "convenient" that some of Kate's weight struggles mirror her own real life weight struggles. She recently denied getting gastric bypass surgery.

"I think it's a coincidence that I booked—well, maybe not a coincidence—that I booked a role that's so similar to who I am and when that was obviously posed to me as, maybe this character's going to be on a weight loss journey, I was like, 'Oh! That's convenient. Okay! I could do that too,'" she said.

Chrissy added, "But I'm also at the place where I accept myself for who I am so I now can get to the place I want to be."

The actress also opened up about how she courted her boyfriend of five months, Josh Stancil, who works as a camera operator on the show.

"I kind of made the [first] move," she said. "He was eating [with the crew]—I talk to everyone, 'cause I love people, like I don't care what you do, we're all the same, we just have different jobs—so I was like,' Oh my God, he's really cute,' so I said, 'Slow down, you're gonna choke on your food!' and he starts cracking up and I was like, 'Why did I just say that? Why did I just say that?"

"So we just started chatting and it was like instant," she said.