In an act of tough love, rocker Tommy Lee has decided to support the police in continuing to pursue a criminal complaint against his son, Brandon, TMZ reports.

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Tommy insiders tell TMZ that he would like the police to go ahead with investigating the battery complaint that he filed against his 21-year-old son, and if it leads to prosecution, then so be it.

The source added that Tommy feels his ex-wife and Brandon's mother, Pamela Anderson, is what fueled the young man's rage -- he hit Tommy with such force last week that the former Mötley Crüe drummer was out for two minutes.

Tommy is also reportedly upset with his ex-wife and the statement she gave to TMZ, saying, "[Brandon] punched [Tommy] in the nose for all of us who he has hurt."


According to TMZ, Tommy believes the former Playboy model instigated Brandon after the rocker dissed her on social media for being on a TV program and talking about domestic abuse that occurred while the two were married. Tommy feels that this lit a fire in his son -- so much so that he went into his dad's room ready to brawl. Brandon, however, claims that he acted in self-defense.

The TMZ insider also says that Brandon filmed his father while he was unconscious on the floor, and then laughed. Tommy reportedly thinks that Brandon then sent the video to his mom to show her what he had done. TMZ was told, however, that Pam denies this happened.

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"You encourage what you tolerate, and he's not going to tolerate what Brandon did and that's why he wants the criminal case to keep moving along," a source close to Tommy said, before adding, "at least for now."