It's not real secret that Prince Harry hasn't been the only man that Meghan Markle has fallen in love with.

In 2011, the "Suits" actress married television producer Trevor Engelson in a lavish wedding in Jamaica. The marriage would crumble within two years and the couple divorced in 2013.


So, what went wrong so quickly? In short, their careers got in the way.

Meghan and Trevor had reportedly been together for seven years before marrying. However, Meghan snagged her role in "Suits" around the same as the marriage and that was a bit of tipping point.

"It put a strain on the relationship. Trevor was in LA making movies, Meghan was in another country five hours' flight away and it simply took its toll," a source told The Daily Mail.

Although Meghan cited irreconcilable differences in their divorce, long distance was the real culprit, the report alleged.


Around the time of the split, the actress moved to Toronto, where "Suits" is filmed. She also began dating cook Cory Vitiello.

"They were a very handsome pair and well suited, but you got the impression it was a sometimes superficial relationship," a source told The Mail. "Cory was always very focused on his job and his work. In that respect, they both put their careers first. The relationship came second."

According to The Telegraph, the pair was still dating when Meghan met Harry in 2016.

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And, it certainly seems that a second marriage is in Meghan's future, with multiple media outlets reporting that Harry and his lady love have been talking about a future together. In March, Us Weekly quoted a source close to the royal who said Harry and Meghan will be engaged by the end of summer.

"Harry has found the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with," the Mail's source said. "He is fueling all the talk about the future."