LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Jason Aldean wasn't having much luck at the slot machines. He already lost $500 this weekend.

"I have such high hopes when I get off the plane," he said. "I have a pocketful of money and then I have a half pocket full of money."

Perhaps he should have been hanging with Chris Young. The singer had already won $2,100 from the slot machines before the show began.

"It happened to be the first machine I walked up to," said Young.


Scotty McCreery is joining the Wolfpack.

McCreery, the ACM's best new artist winner, says he was accepted to four colleges this spring, but settled on North Carolina State, where his dad got his degree.

The 18-year-old also said he wasn't having a hard time finding something to do in Las Vegas, where he isn't old enough to drink or enter most nightclubs.

"There ain't no temptations," said the reigning "American Idol" champ. "I have been riding the roller coasters."


Paul Stanley of KISS said he heard Taylor Swift dressed up as him recently, so he joked that he was thinking about returning the favor and putting on a pink dress.

Band mate Gene Simmons was not amused at the suggestion.

"There's no reason to dress up like anybody else when you are an icon," he said.

As the band posed on the red carpet, LL Cool J ran up and demanded they pose for a picture with him.

"Life will never be the same," the rapper and actor said.

LL Cool J conceded that he wasn't much of a country music, but he was willing to learn.

"I know it's a little out of context me being here. But I'm here anyway. I just wanted to check out the music.


Brantley Gilbert's look at the ACMs was far from cuddly: He sported a black jacket with spikes on both shoulders.

"It guards against hugs," joked the new artist of the year nominee.

The "Country Must Be Country Wide" singer said he used to be more touchy-feely. As a college student, he planned to become a couple's counselor before he went into music.

"I probably would have been responsible for more divorces than Facebook," he said.


Beth Behrs of CBS' "2 Broke Girls" admitted she has a slight crush on Nicole Kidman's husband.

"I'd like to paint the town with him. It would probably be a lot of fun," she said of superstar Keith Urban.

Behrs, who grew up listening to Dolly Parton, barely batted an eye when she found herself on the red carpet next to KISS.

"I'm actually more star struck abut Miranda Lambert," she said.