Marion Curtis / StarTraks 1 / 23
Marion Curtis / StarTraks 1 / 23

Anne Hathaway's performance in "Les Misérables" coupled with her top-secret summer wedding to Adam Shulman made her one of the most buzzed-about celebs of 2012. Given all of the award nominations "Les Mis" has garnered so far, it's starting to look like 2013 won't be any different -- and that's OK with Anne, who says that being recognized in a group has been one of the best parts of award show season so far.

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"It's really cool to get to go everywhere with a pack and share the experience," she said. "Having been so vulnerable with this experience -- when we started, none of us had done anything like this and to know that the work that we did was not just accepted but is being celebrated and to be able to go through that together as a group is the best feeling."

Despite Anne's extensive list of co-stars -- including Hugh Jackman and Meryl Streep -- there's one man she's collaborated with that she holds dear to her heart: Valentino, who happened to design her wedding dress.

"For me, of all the people I've met in this world, he is the one who lives his life in the most beautiful way. So generous. And rather inexplicably, we've fallen in love in a very deep way. He's one of the dearest people in my life and he's so generous with me and teaches me so much and I thank my lucky stars every day that I know him."

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However, Anne is quick to point out that her new husband is still the most important man in her life.

And one of his best qualities must have come in handy last year. "He's nice. He puts up with me singing!" she said.

One thing she's looking forward to is walking down the red carpet married. "We were dating during 'Rachel Getting Married' so it's not our first [red carpet]," she said. "But it's our first one as a married couple! That's pretty rad!"

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