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David Beckham has already announced that he's taking legal action over a former prostitute's claims that she received $10,000 a night for quality time with him back in 2007, accusations he's labeled "totally ridiculous" and "malicious lies." Now, insiders are speaking out in the soccer star's defense.

"This is an absolute stitch-up job," a source rails to the London Sun of the titillating tale told by one Irma Nici in the latest issue of In Touch. "David has been set up and we believe it may be a malicious attempt to discredit him."

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David and wife Victoria, who are the parents of three boys, have reportedly given their legal team the green light to go after Nici, who alleges to the tab that she rendezvoused with him on five separate occasions, engaging in unprotected sex and threesomes.

She also rated him a 7.5 out of 10 in bed, teasing, "He knew what he was doing."

As does his legal team. Beckham is reportedly going to seek nearly $8 million in damages from Nici, who has gone into hiding. He also wants a front-page retraction from In Touch.

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"If this magazine and this woman think they can get away with smearing David, then they've got another thing coming," rants the spy, who presumably isn't referring to the less-than-perfect bedroom score. "They have created a complete falsehood using a handful of facts in an attempt to give the claims a semblance of truth."

The source also points out that even though Beckham "was in New York at the time this woman suggests ... any Tom, Dick or Harry could find that out on the Internet. He wasn't even staying at the hotel she has suggested [Le Parker Meridien]. He was at the Waldorf Astoria."

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A second amateur detective highlights another apparent inaccuracy in Nici's account -- a sopping-wet smoking gun, if you will.

"She said that when he opened the door to his suite, his hair was still damp from the shower," the snitch notes to the London Daily Mail. "David had ... [an] extremely short [haircut], so that is wrong."

Yet another source pipes in to Gossip Cop that the story is "bulls---" because David was in the hospital when one of the interludes supposedly took place.

The Beckhams, whose 11-year marriage weathered infidelity allegations back in 2004, "are very calm about this nonsense," relays the Sun insider. "They cannot believe a magazine like In Touch would print such a pack of lies. They will be fighting it tooth and nail."

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