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Her foul-mouthed rants on The Jersey Shore have made her a TV hit but Snooki's latest 'curse' could land her in more hot water than she bargained for. has photos of the pint sized reality star - real name, Nicole Polizzi - having a sinister spell cast upon her by a local woman in Florence, Italy, where they are currently filming their show.

Wearing a tiny zebra print skirt, huge fluffy boots and with a mega phone in hand, Snooki's appearance, and actions, horrified the old lady so much, she pointed her finger at her and cursed the diminutive diva.

Snooki was attempting to drum-up business for the pizza restaurant the cast have been working at for the show - clearly, not everyone was impressed by her tactics!

This is not the first bit of bad luck she has had since moving to the Renaissance city. Just last week she crashed her car into a cop vehicle injuring two police officers.


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