Demis Maryannakis / Splash News 1 / 8
Demis Maryannakis / Splash News 1 / 8

Bobby Brown has praised his daughter Bobbi Kristina ahead of her reality show appearance, insisting she'll shine on television.

The "My Prerogative" singer's daughter is set to appear on Lifetime Network reality show "The Houston Chronicles" later this year. The series will center around the Houston family's lives.

Brown, who was featured with his late wife Whitney Houston on Bravo's "Being Bobby Brown," also hailed his daughter's strength and bravery following her superstar mother's death from accidental drowning in the bathtub of her Los Angeles hotel suite in February.

Brown tells "Access Hollywood," "My daughter is pretty smart. She is a beautiful young lady and she will hold herself very well on television. She's acting now, she's recording, she's just growing to be a great, beautiful woman. I am so proud of her, that she is being so strong. She's a little lady. That's my little lady! She already knows to stay down-to-earth and stay grounded and don't let "No" be an option. Be great on your own, be great for yourself, be good for yourself, which her mother used to always say to her. Be good for yourself -- that's what I want her to be."


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