Brandi Glanville's search for her missing dog Chica is still afoot, and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was ready to kick some butt and take some names on Tuesday, June 11. The reality star, whose home was reportedly burglarized on Wednesday, June 5, decided that her assistant was at fault for the missing pup frenzy -- and summarily fired her over the weekend.

"I don't know wat 2 believe about a break-in my assistant/nanny lost both my dogs earlier that week, I myself found them," she tweeted on Tuesday. "So I let her go."

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Glanville, 40, went into a panic on Twitter beginning on Thursday, June 6, after the tiny brown chihuahua mix reportedly went missing from her Beverly Hills home.

"I will give anyone who finds my dog chic in Bel air, La, Encino area 10 thousand dollars," she tweeted in desperation, along with a photo of the pup. "Please please. She has a collar call me!"

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What Glanville got instead, however, was what appeared to be a string of calls from people pretending to have found the dog.

The fired ex-assistant, 23, tells TMZ that she was fired for the mishap via text message on Saturday. "I no longer work for Brandi," the assistant said. "She texted me [Saturday] saying that I didn't do my job by losing the dog."

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But Glanville isn't about holding grudges or keeping bad blood between them, however. The reality star has offered to pay up whatever outstanding wages she owes the unnamed assistant. 

At present, Glanville has adopted another member into the family, an adorable puppy named Chico, whom her son Mason renamed Chody.

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