Eddie Mulholland / AP 1 / 11
Eddie Mulholland / AP 1 / 11

There's been a long-standing question about whether pregnancy and memory loss go hand-in-hand. For Duchess Kate, "pregnancy brain" is apparently anything but a myth.

Although she's due to have her second child in April, Kate is sometimes unaware that she has a growing bump under her fashionable clothing, according to UK's Hello!

"I sometimes forget I'm pregnant," Kate was heard saying after a woman told the Duchess that she looked "very trim."

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Kate's humorous admission came as she made one of her last high-profile appearances before giving 19-month-old Prince George a royal sibling.

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The glowingly soon-to-be mother-of-two was seen rubbing her belly during her English appearance and was overhead saying "not long now," when speaking about the baby's arrival.

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And, it seems, she may not be done either. According to the Telegraph, Kate has expressed interest in a "big family" and that she wants "at least" three children.

Hopefully she'll remember all of their names. Pregnancy brain: It's a real thing.