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Eddie Redmayne's trophy case may be filling up, but he doesn't expect his wife, Hannah, to ever believe he's cooler than he is.

"I'm not sure I have ever earned any cool points with my new wife," he joked at the annual Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon in Los Angeles.

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The Golden Globe winner even lost his chance to be the coolest guy at the airport after the Golden Globe Awards in January.

"To be honest, I've been lucky enough to win and I had the most wonderful experience after the Golden Globes of taking the Golden Globe in my hand luggage through the x-ray machine," he said. "I did that thing where I went through and saw the bag go through and I saw the woman stop the thing and go close up on this weird shaped thing and say, 'I think it's an award or something.' And I was praying they would make me open it up, but they didn't, and that was a very special moment."

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"The Theory of Everything" star has another opportunity to put an award in an airport security bin later this month, as he's up for an Oscar. By then, though, everyone at the airport will probably know who he is on sight, since he's been cleaning up during the award season and has become a movie star darling.

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"The whole thing has been such an extraordinary flood of emotions and euphoria that I've tried not to find too much method in the madness and taking every day as it comes," he said, "but Hannah has been very grounding."