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A supermodel baby-on-the-way! Elle Macpherson and her billionaire husband Jeffrey Soffer are reportedly expecting a baby, maybe two.

Australia's Women's Day is reporting that the couple has tried for months to get pregnant but they've decided to add to their family via a surrogate.

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"They realized after a few months that having a baby naturally was a lost cause and they barely discussed adoption - they agreed on surrogacy quite quickly," a source told the magazine. "Elle is thanking her lucky stars she had the foresight to freeze her eggs years ago. She figured they'd come in handy."

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Elle, the 50-year-old whose face would probably be on the Mount Rushmore of modeling, and Jeffrey married in August 2013. She has two children from a previous marriage and three stepchildren.

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"They're keeping the identity of the surrogate a secret," the source said. "It's what she wants and it's what they want. But I do know she's in her 30s and has two children of her own."

To be fair, Women's Day hasn't always had the best track record of accuracy, so this story can fit snuggly in the maybe-maybe-not file.