Ted Williams has gone from homeless to Hollywood after a video showcasing his "golden voice" went viral on YouTube -- earning him national attention and job offers to put his talent to use. Now ET gets the exclusive reunion with his estranged family.

Ted is reunited with two of his children -- Desmond Jackson, 22, his firstborn son, and Julia Pullien, 30, his firstborn daughter, who is named after his mother.

"Right when Desmond was born in 1988 is when my downward spiral began ... he's never seen my success," Ted tells ET. "I know he has a lot of unresolved anger issues. I'm hoping that this might let him see that your dad always has the capability."

The last thing he wanted his kids to see him as is a "wasted talent," he says. He lost touch with his family because he was ashamed of being down and out, saying, "I just let go, I figured God will take care of them because I can't."

In an interview with ET, Ted said he's kept in touch with his mother Julia Williams, but they have not seen each other in many years -- until now.

"This is my dream come true," his mother says. "It's beautiful that he's found his way and I hope he stays on the right track."

Upon seeing each other for the first time in years -- all four members of the family instantly burst into tears. Desmond speaks up quickly, saying, "I'm proud of you man," while holding his father in a tight embrace. "He always believed," Desmond says.

"I'm ecstatic right now. I can't even describe ... I'm very proud. Besides that I'm here with my family ... that's the best," Desmond says as he chokes back tears. "I'm happy to see pops."

"I never thought I'd hear this coming from my son, saying that he's proud," Ted says. "I've been waiting for that moment. It means a lot ... I always knew he loved me."

"It's better late than never," Desmond says. "I know that for sure."

"It's just so amazing," Ted's daughter Julia chimes in. "To be here now is so exciting."

Although the family reunion is a happy one, there is the issue of Ted's long history with substance abuse. He's currently two years sober and is traveling with a sponsor. Asked if they believe he can stay on a clean path, his son says "absolutely." They all believe that God has blessed Ted and they plan to be very involved in his new life.

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