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George Clooney is currently in Vancouver, British Columbia, filming "Tomorrowland" with Hugh Laurie, and during his downtime, he's checking out what the city has to offer. This has the city's residents doing a happy dance.

Sightings of the lately single Oscar winner are popping up all over social media, with several lucky ladies (and one guy) managing to score a photo with him as he hits various restaurants and bars.

On Saturday, Clooney surfaced at a sushi joint, where the reservation had been made under the name "Mr. Sanchez" (we're not touching that one). The restaurant was so crowded that the star ended up sitting at the sushi bar. He downed sashimi and a vodka martini.

"There was some buzz that was created, more amongst the female staff," the eatery's manager tells CTV News. "And obviously, some guests recognized him as well, and he was very gracious allowing his picture to be taken."

The night before, he had one local lady wondering if she'd experienced a miracle at a downtown hot spot.

"Funniest thing from last night," she tweeted. "I was like Lord give me a hot guy to look at in this bar next thing George [bleeping] CLOONEY walks in! NO LIES."

She added that he was "super-nice" and even yummier in person.

Once again, Clooney posed for photos, and even let a woman named Cecilia plant one on his cheek.

The A-lister, who's currently earning raves opposite Sandra Bullock in "Gravity," will reportedly be filming in Vancouver for the next few months. Residents will presumably keep their eyes peeled and their phones at the ready.


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