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Miley Cyrus has big guns and a sentimental streak, both of which she showed off on Saturday night at a Los Angeles tattoo parlor. TMZ says the starlet, 19, paid a visit to Studio City Tattoo around 8 p.m. with a handful of pals, including boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

But she was the only one to go under the needle, inking the phrase "Love never dies" on the inside of her impressively bulging bicep.

Cyrus, decked out in a vintage Van Halen T-shirt, posed for a photo with her new epidermal decoration (along with her tattoo artist, Illya), which the shop later posted on, then deleted from, its Facebook page.

Miley's latest design joins a host of other permanent markings, including a life-size dream catcher on her ribcage, a reminder to "just breathe" on her chest (a tribute to a friend with cystic fibrosis), the word "love" on the inside of her right ear, an anchor on her forearm, an "Om" symbol on her wrist and another symbol on her ankle.

Cyrus also has various ink stains on her fingers, including a peace sign, cross, heart, the word "karma" and an equal sign (the latter symbolizing her support for same-sex marriage).


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