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Has Selena Gomez made an ink-stained commitment to Justin Bieber? Amid talk that the Biebs, 18, presented the starlet, 19, with a "pre-engagement ring," she turned up at a Los Angeles tattoo parlor on Wednesday and etched a teeny black heart on her right wrist.

That's the very same spot where Selena showed off a Sharpie-drawn heart and Justin's name during a performance in Las Vegas back in September.

A staffer at the Under the Gun tattoo shop tweeted a photo of Gomez with her new ink, and fans quickly bombarded with him with questions.

No, Justin didn't accompany her when she went under the needle with owner Louie Gomez (no relation), and no, she wasn't nervous and didn't cry.

Also, "She is way cute," gushed employee Jordan Sandoval.

Selena still has a long way to go to catch up to Justin's tats, which include a small bird on his hip and tributes to Jesus on his ribcage and calf.

As for that diamond "J" ring Gomez has been sporting, the less-than-reliable OK! magazine claims it's a stepping stone to something more permanent.

"It was kind of a pre-engagement ring, really," alleges a source. "They're too young to get married, but they are just head over heels in love with each other and they want to spend the rest of their lives together. ... It symbolizes their intention to be together for a long time."


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