JOSEPH KERLAKIAN / StarTraks 1 / 14
JOSEPH KERLAKIAN / StarTraks 1 / 14

Jennifer Lopez asked her teacher mother, Guadaloupe, to accompany her on tour and tutor her four-year-old twins so they are best prepared for kindergarten next fall.

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The pop star is currently traveling across the globe with the kids as part of her Dance Again World Tour and she invited her mother and her cousin, Tiana Rios, to join her on the road and babysit them whenever she needed to rehearse.

And she got tutorial sessions thrown in for free in a bid to ensure that Max and Emme -- her twins with ex-husband Marc Anthony -- don't miss a step in their studies due to life on the road.

Lopez tells, "My mom was a teacher for 20 years, first grade, kindergarten and phys ed, and so my mom gives them a lesson every day. They're on our schedule -- so they go to sleep late after the show, and they sleep late. They have to have 10 hours of sleep every night -- that (is) critical to prevent crankiness.

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"When they get up, they have breakfast, and then they go in with my mom for their lesson."

The singer adds, "Even my own family questioned my decision to bring Max and Emme on tour. But being with me is so much better than not being with me and wondering where mommy is. ... They look at maps, they know the world is big, they've learned different bits of languages.

"When I have a day off, it's all for them, and if I can't go out, they still go with my mom or their Aunt Tiana. They sight-see. They get a lot more out of this tour of so many countries than I do. I see the hotel rooms, arenas and gyms."

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