No network rivalries here! Before Glee nabbed the Best Television Series (Comedy) trophy at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, Modern Family's Julie Bowen and Glee's Kevin McHale got chatty -- and a little bit silly -- with

PHOTOS: What all the stars wore to the Golden Globes US: Julie, who are you wearing? JB: Tadashi Shoji. Now ask him who he is wearing? US: That was my next question. Kevin, who are you wearing? KN: Dolce and Gabbana.JB: It's polka dot! His jacket is f***ing fly! Write that -- it's f***ing fly! US: How did you get ready this morning? JB: [To Kevin] I want hear what you did, because you're probably like, "I woke up, I farted, jumped in the shower, I pretended to shave and I came."KM: Yeah, pretty much. I had a beer and watched football. JB: I was gross. I got up at 5:00 and I dealt with all of my kids. I had a long day. But I didn't start this s*** till 1:00.KM: You got ready at 1:00? Good for you. All of the Glee girls started at 11:00. JB: I am old. They don't care about old people on the red carpet. Lea Michele, they care. PHOTOS: How the celebs partied after the Golden Globe Awards

US: Did you guys eat big breakfasts? Big lunches? KM: Big breakfast. US: What did you have? KM: I had a Norwegian Benedict. US: What's that? KM: Eggs benedict with smoked salmon on a croissant and everything regular about eggs benedict on top of that. Bad, bad, bad.JB: I ate whatever my kids ate. I'm starving, hungry and thirsty. I'm about to get hammered!

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US: How excited are you about both of your shows? JB: We were just having like a gay-off. No, not gay, like a Glee…what do you want to call it? I love you, no, I love you.KM: But for real. JB: For real. Glee is an incredible show and they work so hard. KM: But yours is the funniest show on TV. JB: But... whatever. We're really happy for each other. US: And how will you celebrate later? KM: Booze! JB: I'm gonna sit my ass down, that's what I'm going to do!

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