So you think you can dance, William and Kate?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge definitely put their topless photo woes out of sight and mind on the South Pacific island of Tuvalu on Tuesday -- donning colorful grass skirts and shaking their hips to the rhythm with tribespeople.

Upon their arrival, Prince William and Kate Middleton, both 30, were given flowered head garlands to wear, and were carried on a double-throne by 25 grass-skirted men.

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During a tour of a school, Duchess Kate also joined in with a song-and-dance routine of "Head, Feet and Toes." William also tried out a local sport, a fast, aggressive version of volleyball -- and he also chopped open a coconut with a machete!

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Laughing and smiling throughout the festivities, the royals had a "good, really good - an amazing evening," William told one official.

Back in Paris, royall supporters had another reason to celebrate: The couple won their case against French magazine Closer for publishing its topless photos of Kate during a recent vacation.

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