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Although most of the 26.2 million people who tuned in to Wednesday's "American Idol" season premiere were focused on the would-be pop stars, at least one viewer was focused on the judges. Well, one judge, to be specific.

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"I had only watched [the show] a few times but obviously I watched it the other night," Liv Tyler told Wonderwall exclusively at the Bing Bar at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, where she was promoting her new thriller, "The Ledge," with costars Terrence Howard and Charlie Hunnam.

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"I was very excited," the 33-year-old actress gushed, beaming about her father Steven Tyler's performance on the show. "I had a little party in my house with three people -- in my pajamas! I really loved it and had goose bumps for about two hours. I am proud of him and thought my dad was funny."

Tyler's debut as a judge on the hit show has been grabbing headlines for months, with the Aerosmith frontman bragging regularly to the press that he expects his role on the show will take his career "over the moon."

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As for Liv, she's just glad to see her dad have the chance to crack jokes on national television. "I felt like a really proud daughter, smiling, and laughing the whole time," she told JustJared.

"The Ledge" premiered on Friday at the Eccles Center in Park City, Utah. Stay tuned to Wonderwall for more dispatches from Sundance, which continues through Jan. 30.

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