SDFL / Splash News 1 / 2
SDFL / Splash News 1 / 2

ET has just obtained this new photo of Tiger Woods' wife Elin, spotted in Florida over the weekend pumping her own gas while sporting a smile -- but not her wedding ring.

Also over the weekend, the Florida Department of Children and Families reportedly paid a visit to Tiger Woods' home, according to a story on Radar Online, but the sheriff's department released the following statement to ET in regards to Radar's report:

"On Friday afternoon the Orange County Sheriff's Office responded to a call for assistance from an investigator with the Department of Children and Family Services. The deputy responding was to meet with the DCF investigator at the front entrance of the Isleworth community, located in the unincorporated area of west Orange County. The Orange County Sheriff's Office is not at liberty to discuss the reason for the visit, who was being contacted, nor the details of the complaint received by DCF. DCF is the agency responsible for the visit and no report or documentation was generated by this office, any information regarding the case should be directed to them, it is a common occurrence for DCF to request assistance from a law enforcement agency."

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