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@parisjacksononline / Instagram 1 / 10

Paris Jackson has found the light of her life.

Michael Jackson's daughter appears to be the epitome of happiness these days and it could be centered on one person: her boyfriend Chester Castellaw.

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Paris posted an incredibly beautiful and intimate photo with her soccer playing man to her Instagram account. The photo, taken at Los Angeles famous Urban Light landmark, shows the couple fully enwrapped in each other, as if they don't have a care in the world. The black and white snap shows Paris gently touching Chester's face, as Chester wraps his arms around Paris' waist. Earlier, the couple posted a selfie from the sidewalk with Paris tongue hanging out.

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The photo comes after the duo made their red carpet debut as a couple in late May.

Paris and Chester were first spotted together in March and they've been nearly inseparable since.

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In March, a source said, "Her family seems to like him and they are happy that he comes from a privileged background in Beverly Hills because they are very protective over the children's inheritance and they want to make sure that he is with her for the right reasons."