Maybach Music Group, "Self Made Vol. 1" (Maybach Music Group/Warner Bros.)

Compilation albums have earned a reputation for having only a couple of songs that are worth a listen. Unfortunately, Maybach Music Group's debut album, "Self Made Vol. 1," helps solidify that view.

It's the label's first compilation album, starring one of hip-hop's best in Rick Ross, alongside Maybach's newly signed rappers Wale, Meek Mill, Pill and singer Teedra Moses. The burly and bearded Ross shines like expected through much of the 15-track album, but he doesn't completely overshadow the lyrically gifted Wale and Moses.

For Meek Mill and Pill, it's different story. Meek Mill struggles to hold his own, with his youthful tone, against the formidable combination of Ross and Wale. Pill delivers raps that aren't easy to digest and forgettable.

The separation of powers is obvious on the opening track "Self Made," as Ross and Wale offer swagger, with Moses backing them up with her soulful voice. The trio leaves Meek Mill and Pill in the dust.

"Self Made's" throwaway tracks include "Pacman" and "By Any Means." But there are some respectable songs, such as "Pandemonium," "Play Your Part" and "That Way," featuring Jeremih, which save the album from a complete downfall.

CHECK THIS TRACK OUT: Even though Pill was outdone for the most part, he does show promise on "Don't Let Me Go" featuring Gunplay.