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From the sounds of it, Jake Gyllenhaal is wooing Taylor Swift from within a Disney-designed, bluebird-of-happiness-filled fairytale, possibly while chaperoned by Snow White and a unicorn or two. Us Weekly reports the budding twosome's G-rated together-time in New York last weekend included a wholesome apple-picking adventure outside the city.

"They were walking through the trees, having fun together," relays an eyewitness. "They looked happy."

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And when some starstruck fellow fans of fruit and fall foliage attempted to take their picture, Taylor, 20, and Jake, 29, dodged the cameras in a scene that needed only a romantic power ballad accompanying it.

"They were hiding from them in the trees," adds the onlooker, who may or may not have been humming the soothing strains of Chicago's "You're the Inspiration" while watching the PR-perfect couple frolic in nature. "They drove through the orchard and bought the apples on the way out."

Right now, however, a $3 bushel of apples appears to be the biggest commitment they're willing to make.

"The relationship is very new, maybe two or three weeks old," says an insider. "I'm not sure who pursued whom, but they're both into it."

Or are they?

A source tells People magazine that Taylor is too busy supporting her monster hit of a confessional new album, "Speak Now," to deal with a romantic entanglement.

"Taylor is very serious about her career," explains the confidant. "For her, it's all about the career right now. She's not really interested in getting heavily involved with anyone."

And while Swifty and Jakey enjoyed their weekend strolls around Brooklyn and their backstage coyness at "Saturday Night Live," "I don't think there's anything to it," opines a Gyllenhaal snitch. "Everyone's talking about it. They hung out. But that's it. I don't think they're a couple."

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The Taylor spy is equally cautious about their prospects for twoo luv: "If she does have a serious relationship, it's probably going to be with someone who's not in the industry or someone who's not a household name. With Jake, she probably figures, why not be seen together and keep everyone guessing."

Not everyone is such a romantic downer. Hollywood Life believes that Swiftyhaal are a "perfect match."

"[Taylor] has a thing for older men," says a source. "She's young and wants what every girl wants her age -- to get married … [Taylor and Jake] just met and are spending time together, but Jake seems to want to settle down. He's ready for marriage and he wants kids."


Still, the mole is convinced that Gyllenhaal, whose two-plus-year relationship with Reese Witherspoon reportedly ended because she was unwilling to make things legal, is far better for Swift than, say, her rumored ex, John Mayer.

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"The other men in Taylor's life were bachelors, not looking for the family life," continues the insider. "We are all rooting for her. It would be nice for her to find someone. She works so hard, but she needs a social life, too."

What do you think? Are you warming to the idea of a Taylor-Jake love connection? Tell us in the comments.

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