All Brett Eldredge wanted to do was start his day by using the bathroom, as he has done so many other times. But on this particular morning he found a visitor waiting for him in the toilet -- a snake!

The country star made a video of the incident and posted it to Twitter on Wednesday, Jan. 4. He captioned the video with a stern warning. "Before ya go to the bathroom...DONT FORGET TO LOOK DOWN," he said.

The nearly one minute video shows Brett giggling and almost incredulous about the slithering visitor.

"Here we are. It's the morning. I was going to take a leak, start the day, ya know. That's how you start the day," he said, "and then I walk in here, and what do we have but a beautiful New Year's snake."

He then pointed the camera to a large dark reptile with its head resting on the bowl, its body in the water of the toilet.

"Holy!" the singer said, not finishing his thought while keeping his eye on the snake. "Oh it's got a big body, it's got a real big body. Hey buddy."

With friends around him, perhaps members of his band, Brett said aloud, "What are we gonna do?"

He then records a pal putting a long wooden stick in the toilet. The snake can bee seen wrapping its body around the stick. The friend keeps his distance, telling everyone in the house to keep the doors open so he can quickly get the reptile out of the home.

As the stick-wielding pal walks quickly past Brett, the snake can be seen sticking its tongue out, proving that this isn't a prop.

"Hey buddy," Brett says again.

After the video was posted, country singer Deana Carter tweeted to Brett sentiments that we all likely would feel.

"Ohmylord!!!!," she wrote. "I would die on the spot!!!"

Lesson here: Look down!