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Reuniting with your ex doesn't have to be so bad!

Emma Stone and ex Andrew Garfield reunited at the 17th annual AFI Awards luncheon in Beverly Hills on Jan. 6, and they were happy to see each other.

They were "very animated and excited to see each other," Us Weekly reports. "He introduced her to everyone at his table and she was very friendly to all, shaking everyone's hands."

At one point, they must have talked jewelry, because Garfield was showing her his bracelet.

E! News further reported that Stone was overheard telling him, "I feel so much better."

Their conversations don't seem as awkward as imagined given the fact that they haven't been spotted together in months. The pair called it quits in October 2015 and were last spotted out together in London in August 2016.

In spite of the fact that they haven't been seen together since, both Garfield and Stone have been outspoken about the other since then.

Stone admitted that her love for him hasn't gone away in October 2016.

"[He's] someone I still love very much," she told Vogue.

In December 2016, The Hollywood Reporter asked Garfield who he'd want to be stranded on a desert island with.

"Emma Stone," he said. Asked why, he explained, "I love Emma. She's all right. She can come."

Stone and Garfield will likely have many more encounters and chances to catch up during this awards show season! Coming up, on Jan. 8, they'll see each other at the 74th Golden Globe Awards.

Stone is nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy for her role in "La La Land" while Garfield is nominated for Best Actor in a Drama for his role in "Hacksaw Ridge."