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Joe Giudice is getting one heck of a body behind bars.

The incarcerated "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star has lost over 30 pounds since checking into the Fort Dix prison in New Jersey in March for fraud.

"He looks amazing. I can't wait for him to come home," his wife Teresa Giudice told Extra. "I say, 'You're not coming home until you have abs.'"

Teresa said the communication between she and her man is as good as ever, given the circumstances.

"I talk to him every day, sometimes twice a day. He calls me and we email constantly throughout the day, and I see him every week," she said at OK Magazine's Fashion Week Event. "We all got through tough times in life. Life is a roller coaster, it's not always peaches and cream. You gotta go through good times and bad times. It's makes you the person that you are."

She also doesn't shy away from her past, as she knows about prison life, having been behind bars for 11 months for similar fraud charges as her husband.

"It's something that happened in my life, part of my journey, and if I can help anyone else out there who's having a hard… I want to inspire anybody else," she said.

For the couple, a prison sentence is hardly a death sentence for the relationship. In fact, they're still finding ways to stay romantic.

In June, she told Entertainment Tonight that her man sends her x-rated emails from the clink.

"I'm not going to say what the emails say," she said. "He's doing good. You know, being positive, and we're just both taking one day at a time."

"He's eating right ... because you know, it's good," Teresa added. "He said it's good. He's getting his mind focused and he's not drinking. I guess he was drinking a lot."

She added, "We're married 16 years and I just can't wait for him to get home. I think it's just going to spice up our marriage even more. Yeah, when I came home, it's like falling in love all over again."

There's a good chance she'll have less of Joe to love when he's home... and that's a good thing.