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Justin Bieber pawned off his sick dog to one of his backup dancers, and the now the pup needs a "very specialized surgery" to even stay alive, according to a new report.

Page Six reports that C.J. Salvador, one of The Biebs dancers, is trying to scrounge up $8,000 for the surgery to save the dog named Todd, who was given to C.J. by the singer.

In August, Justin introduced the pooch to his Instagram followers, calling him his "new little fluff ball Todd." He later shared a video of the dog, asking it, "How are you real?"

Somewhere between then and now, Justin gave the dog to C.J. The dog, however, is apparently in dire straits, the report said.

C.J. has created a GoFundMe page, explaining that the dog "is a 7-month-old chow chow born with a birth defect called 'sever hip dysplacia.' Long story short, by the time he turns 1, he won't be able to walk, run, let alone play."

The dancer said he has two options: he can either put Todd down or have a "very specialized surgery" that costs about $8,000.

"So I am humbly asking you to donate anything," he writes.

The GoFundMe page was trending on Wednesday, Dec. 4 and it reached its goal less than a day after it was created.

Interestingly, the Post implies that Justin didn't contribute.

This is just the latest in a somewhat long line of stories involving Justin abandoning or giving away animals. In 2013, he famously left a pet monkey in Germany. He later reportedly actioned off a snake. He also gave a pet hamster away to a fan at a concert in 2013. The hamster died shortly after.