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The air got a little rough at 30,000 feet between Kendra Wilkinson Baskett and another woman.

The two almost got into a fight, albeit after the the plane touched down in Los Angeles -- tension had been building during the flight thanks to some booze.

Kendra said she and one other woman were having shots of tequila on their flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles (a 45-minute flight), and another woman took exception to them being loud.

"I almost got into a fight with a girl on the plane," the reality TV star told TMZ after landing. "We were a little drunk."

Kendra, who called her in-flight enemy a "prude," said the woman told them, "We can hear you loud enough."

"Me and this girl in front of my are having fun, taking some shots of tequila and this girl in back of me, you know," Kendra said. "[The accuser] didn't say anything the whole flight home, but oh, she wants to say something on our way off the plane. [She said,] 'You know, you guys were a little loud,' and then she runs off."

Kendra, likely still feeling the affects of the tequila, told a cameraman that the woman was "jealous... that she couldn't party with us."

The flight was only a minor hiccup for the "Kendra on Top" star, who recently spoke of how happy she was in her life (not that the in-air experience will tarnish that). Her personal life and marriage to Hank Baskett couldn't be better, she recently said.

"We are in a great place," Kendra told Life & Style of her husband of seven years. "We're a different couple than we were a few years back."