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Christmas came early for the Giudice clan!

Teresa Giudice recently received some good news regarding her ongoing legal troubles: A U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge in New Jersey has reportedly approved a settlement between the "Housewife" and her creditors.

According to E! News, the terms of the settlement state that Teresa will keep 55 percent of the net proceeds from her legal malpractice suit with the remaining 45 percent going to any remaining creditors.

The star of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" sued her former bankruptcy attorney, James Kridel, in late 2014 for malpractice, alleging that his "negligence" and legal "missteps" are the reason she landed behind bars in early 2015.

She's seeking a minimum of $5 million in the suit -- meaning that by the terms of the new settlement, she could still potentially pocket millions after paying off her debt to her creditors.

"We are very gratified that a settlement was reached between Ms. Giudice and trustee John Sywilok concerning the distribution of the proceeds of the Kridel lawsuit and that Judge Stacey Meisel approved the settlement today," Teresa's malpractice attorney, Carlos Cuevas, said in a statement to E! News. "Today was a big step. We thank the trustee for his cooperation and also Judge Meisel."

Echoed James Leonard, Teresa's family attorney and spokesperson, to E! News, "We are very happy with the Judge's ruling as it brings us one step closer to litigating the malpractice claim."

Though things are looking up for the reality TV star in terms of her legal woes, Teresa has said that Christmas 2016 will be far from festive.

"I'm not hosting Christmas Eve this year," the mother of four told E! News. "I'm going to my brother's [Joe Gorga] again, because it's just us. Being home is just kind of going to be sad, so I didn't want to be home."

"It's nice to spend the holidays with family, because we don't get to see them that much," she added. "The girls like to be with their family. They have a lot of cousins. Joe's sister has four girls; Joe's brother has three girls. So, there's a lot of girls -- plus my four girls. There's all girls in Joe's family. Then on my side, there's [Melissa Gorga]'s three kids, and then my four."

Teresa's husband, Joe Guidice, is currently serving a 41-month jail sentence, which began in March 2016, at Fort Dix Federal Prison in New Jersey.