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On March 29, it's the end of era on network TV when "Duck Dynasty" airs its final episode. But, will it also be the end of the guys' infamous beards, too?

Willie Robertson and his wife, Korie Robertson, sat down with Us Weekly on March 16 to discuss all things "Dynasty," including his refusal to shave, even when the show ends following a 5-year run.

"I'd say no," he said when asked if any of the guys will shave. But, both Willie and Korie think they see Jep Robertson clean-shaven in the future.

"I bet Jep," Willie said, to which his wife said, "Yeah, Jep is the most likely."

He may not be the only one either.

"Missy [Robertson] really wants Jase [Robertson] to, and he's considering it," Korie said.

With perhaps more time on their hands, a bearded Willie said he plans to travel with Korie, but, contrary to popular belief, the Donald Trump supporter is not eyeing a run for political office.

"No, I've decided I don't know if I can handle that," Wilie, who spoke at the Republican National Convention, said. "Duck Commander is still there. We are writing a book, I think. We'll probably travel."

Still, one of the couple's favorite memories over the past five years was politically-related.

"The first time we went to the White House Correspondents' Dinner [in 2013], the Secret Service guys were like, 'Mr. and Mrs. Robertson, the Obamas would like to meet you,'" Korie recalled. "They pulled us behind a curtain into this room. Nicole Kidman was there!"

Willie added, "President [Barack] Obama said he watches the show on Air Force One. We got such a kick out of that!"