5 Wrong Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Baby Rumors

Ever since Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton began dating, the tabloids have been peddling tall tales about the couple having a baby together. There's even been a few disgustingly made-up stories about Stefani suffering miscarriages. See five of the wrong baby rumors from this year below.


In January, OK! falsely announced Stefani was married and pregnant. The tabloid repeated already debunked claims about the songstress marrying Shelton around the holidays, and asserted she was now "rumored to be pregnant with Blake's first child." A so-called "source" was quoted as saying, "The buzz is she's a few months along and everyone who knows is absolutely delighted for them." The phrasing of "rumored to be" and "the buzz is" were tip-offs that this wasn't confirmed information, but unsubstantiated speculation. Gossip Cop also pointed out that shortly before this, Stefani walked the beach in a bikini, showing she had no baby bump whatsoever.

That picture became even more significant in April, when Life & Style used the image for a cover about a "wedding & a baby." The front of the issue was designed to make readers think Stefani was already pregnant. To that end, the outlet took the original paparazzi snapshot of Stefani and Shelton strolling on the beach, and deceptively photoshopped out the alcoholic beverage that was in her hand. Gossip Cop exposed this digital manipulation, which was an indication that the cover story wasn't trustworthy.

That same month, NW floated the theory that Stefani was pregnant because she was spotted in a hospital parking lot. Its article, which featured a plagiarized quote about her kids wanting a "baby sister," was illustrated with a photo of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, but the outlet apparently failed to realize that the hospital's Fertility And Reproductive Center is located nearly a mile away in a separate building. The publication also didn't consider the possibility that Stefani was at the hospital for reasons that nothing to do with seeking medical treatment for herself. Gossip Cop also noted that Stefani had just announced her Las Vegas residency, with dates scheduled through March of 2019. She obviously wouldn't have been embarking on a concert series if she was expecting a baby.

In May, HollywoodLife wanted readers to believe a "baggy tee" was proof Stefani was "carrying BF Blake Shelton's baby." The site questioned why the No Doubt front woman was wearing a jacket over her top, and suggested she had something to "hide." Wondered the blog, "Sure, it's not exactly summer out in LA but wearing a big jacket seems a bit strange. And if she is pregnant, why keep it under wraps?" As Gossip Cop said then, Stefani would be completely entitled to keep a pregnancy "under wraps" if she so chose, but this clothing choice was a not a smoking gun. The day she was photographed in the "baggy" shirt and jacket, there was a low of 57° in Los Angeles. And had the website bothered to do some research, it would've realized that she simply likes layering, as evident in photos of Stefani and Shelton at a park, where she stripped off a sweater to reveal a tank underneath. Those pictures also made it clear she wasn't "hiding" anything.

Most recently, in June, Star shamefully claimed Stefani suffered not one, but two miscarriages this year. The tabloid alleged she lost a baby in February, something Gossip Cop debunked at the time, and then again in late May. The contentions were attributed to a "friend," as if any real pal of the couple would leak such intimate information to the gossip media. What was also telling was that the magazine failed to mention its own cover story from 2016, in which it was similarly asserted Stefani had suffered a miscarriage. That was grossly fabricated, and a rep for Stefani confirmed this latest tale was a "lie," too.

As unfortunate as some of these baby stories are, having a sense of humor can help. Earlier this year, Shelton mocked reports about Stefani being pregnant by joking at a concert that the fans were "very lucky" she was there because Stefani "actually gave birth to twins yesterday." Shelton should keep the pointed quips coming, and Gossip Cop will keep fact-checking.

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