Body Business

How does Carrie Underwood really feel about all the attention she's getting for her body?

The Carnival Imagination is one sailing ship still in need of its moon! As part of the insanely intimate Carnival LIVE concert series, Carrie Underwood performed aboard the cruise liner while it was docked at Catalina Island off the coast of southern California on April 4 — just two days after her headline-grabbing performance during the 2017 ACM Awards in Las Vegas. was on hand for the truly unforgettable show, during which the blonde beauty joked about not knowing whether her husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, was at home or out of town for a game and opened up about how eager she was to be reunited with their son, Isaiah Michael Fisher.

We also caught up with the country superstar in the hours leading up to the gig: "It's been so nice to be able to work with Carnival Cruise Lines and see how families get to come and hang out and spend their time," she told us. "Being a mom now, I realize how important family time is, and it's nice to be part of something that gives that to people," she added.

Keep reading to see what else Carrie told us about the recent attention she's gotten for her body, sharing her music with her son, the struggle to keep her energy level up, the best part of having a 2 year old and more — and check out our Snapchat Diary from the cruise in the video below!

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Carrie Underwood on what makes the Carnival LIVE concert series so special: "It's just a smaller room. It's more intimate. I get to really see everybody's faces. [My] The Storyteller Tour was just a massive tour. There were a million people and lights and everything. Sometimes it's nice to just kind of ease back and play something that's a little more intimate and one-on-one."

On how she likes to vacation now that she's a mom: "I just like to take it easy, to be honest. I love it if I can get in a workout in the morning and then kind of lay by the pool or ocean (or some body of water) in the afternoon, then have a nice dinner at night. For me, it's just about simplicity. Now that I have a 2 year old, I'm always trying to think of things that he can do. I can take him swimming or whatever it is we're doing. We can venture out and he can have some fun that's just for him."

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On how she keeps her energy up while balancing her career and her family: "Caffeine? I don't know. For me, it's trying to get sleep if and where I can. I'm so lucky that I get to do so many cool things. Even if I'm tired leading up to them, as soon as I get out on stage or as soon as [my band] starts to play for an award show or whatever it is, the energy just comes because it's exciting and it's fun."

On how much coffee she actually drinks: "Probably not really too much — maybe a couple cups of coffee a day. But it certainly helps!"

On the recent attention she's gotten for her body: "The reward really is feeling good and feeling healthy. That's what I always stress. It's always nice when other people notice that you work hard, but the work is the good thing. I love carving out even a little time for myself when and if I can [to work out]. And I'm just a clean, healthy eater."

On her favorite thing about her son right now: "His personality is just coming through more and more every single day. Right now he just loves to be around whoever — he just wants to follow me around and around. And he's just a little cuddle muffin. He loves giving hugs. He's a sweet, sweet little boy. He really is. He's busy and he's a mess, but he's really sweet."

On whether Isaiah is more of an athlete (like his dad) or a performer (like his mom): "He definitely loves music, and any time if we're listening to the radio and I come on, he's like, 'Mama!' He knows it's me. He loves to sing along. He's always singing something. Sometimes I don't know what he's singing — maybe something he learned at school. But he's always singing something. I don't know what path his life will take him down. But I am happy that he also loves being outside. That's all he wants to do. Sometimes it's raining, and I'm like, 'Honey, it's storming. We can't go out in that!' And he gets so disappointed. He just wants to go outside and doesn't understand why he can't. So I'm thankful that he seems to be an active kid."

On which of her songs Isaiah likes to sing: "He likes to sing along with either 'Heartbeat' or 'Dirty Laundry.' He kind of knows different parts of those songs. But he knows all the little kid songs too — 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' and all that stuff."

Honoring Helen

Damian Lewis writes moving tribute to 'brilliant' late wife

Damian Lewis is remembering his late wife, Helen McCrory, in a heartfelt tribute, and he's marveling at how she "spread happiness" even in her final days. 

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"Many people have spoken about her career and many more will, so that's where I'll leave it, because it strikes me that two things are happening this weekend: an outpouring of grief and shock, and a celebration of Helen McCrory the actress from fans everywhere, and of Helen the person," Damian wrote in an essay for The Sunday Times. "And that's who I want to talk about."

"Helen was an even more brilliant person than she was an actress," the "Billions" star continued. "She was a people person, sure. 'I'm much more interested in who I'm with than where I am,' she would say, and innately wanted to share. But she also lived by the principle of kindness and generosity. That you put these things out into the world to make it better, to make people feel better."

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On April 16, Damian announced that Helen had passed away at the age of 52 after a battle with cancer. Still, the "Harry Potter" star managed to "spread happiness" as her time was coming to an end. 

"Even when dying in her last few days, when talking to our wonderful carers, she repeatedly said, 'thank you so much' in her half delirious state," Damian said. "I've never known anyone able to enjoy life as much. Her ability to be in the present and enjoy the moment was inspirational. Nor was she interested in navel-gazing. No real interest in self- reflection; she believed in looking out, not in. Which is why she was able to turn her light so brightly on others."

In addition to Damian, Helen leaves behind two teenage children.

"They have in them the fearlessness, wit, curiosity, talent and beauty of their mother. She has exhorted us to be courageous and not afraid," Damian said of daughter Manon, 14, and son Gulliver, 13.

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The actor gave fans an insight into the waning hours of the beloved "Peaky Blinders" star's life.

"She has been utterly heroic in her illness. Funny, of course — generous, brave, uncomplaining, constantly reminding us all of how lucky we've been, how blessed we are. Her generosity has extended to encouraging us three to live. Live fully, take opportunities, have adventures," he said. "Already I miss her. She has shone more brightly in the last months than you would imagine even the brightest star could shine. In life, too, we had to rise to meet her. But her greatest and most exquisite act of bravery and generosity has been to 'normalise' her death. She's shown no fear, no bitterness, no self-pity, only armed us with the courage to go on and insisted that no one be sad, because she is happy."

"I'm staggered by her," he said of his late wife. "She's been a meteor in our life."

Housewives rumors

Jana Kramer addresses 'Housewives' rumors

Jana Kramer is getting real about those "Housewives" rumors. 

On an upcoming podcast, she claims that producers courted her three times to be on "The Real Housewives of Nashville."

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"When they were trying to cast 'The Real Housewives of Nashville' and they were interested in me as one of the characters I was just like 'No.' I don't like girl drama, I don't want to be a part of it, I don't want to feed into it. It's not me, I don't like it," she said, according to People magazine. 

Bravo, by the way, has never confirmed a Nashville-based show is happening.

Last week, Jana and several wives of country music stars were rumored to be filming content for a "Housewives"-esque show. Jana and Kasi Wicks, the wife of Chuck Wicks and sister of Jason Aldean, both teased filming projects on Instagram, but didn't specify what the project was for.

On the podcast, Jana confirmed that she and her husband, Mike Caussin, filmed something recently.

"So we did film something and, you know, it's just a presentation I don't know if it will ever get picked up, and again I don't even know if it's something that at the end of the day if we will really do, because I know we share so much on the podcast and so much here but sometimes it's the kiss of death," she said. "So that's something that we have to also think about and be careful of because it's scary."

Jana's thoughts on the "Housewives" franchise seems to have changed of late. Last year, she acknowledged that she auditioned for "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

"The only reason I entertained the one with Teddi [Mellencamp Arroyave] was because it could be fun to be someone's sidekick, fun buddy that just kind of comes in," she said on the podcast.

Sad day

Wahlberg matriarch passes at 78

Alma Wahlberg, the mother of Mark and Donnie Wahlberg and seven other children, has passed away at the age of 78, the family announced. 

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Mark announced the news on Twitter in April 18, posting a photo of his mom alongside the caption, "My angel. Rest in peace."

Around the same time, Donnie posted a video tribute to his mom, who was often featured in the A&E series "Wahlburgers," which ran for ten seasons. 

"I'm so blessed to have been brought into this world by, raised by, taught by and set on my life's path by, such an amazing woman," he said in a lengthy Instagram caption. "My mom Alma's joy for life, love and people — combined with a pride in her humble beginnings and refusal to forget where she came from — undoubtedly shaped me into the man that I am. I've often said, if you like anything about me, I got it from Alma. I say that, because it's true."

"She was, without a doubt, the most loving human being I've ever known," he wrote. "I never heard her say, or do, anything disrespectful to anyone. She was, as anybody who ever came across her knows, true blue."


Last year, Donnie has hinted that his mother was struggling with her memory. 

"Like so many moms who struggled, overcame odds, made something from nothing and pulled off the impossible for their children, she never complained. She did what needed to be done, most often, with a smile. She made the best of times in the worst of times," he said on Sunday. "That was Alma — mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, friend, ally, warrior, angel. She made no apologies for who she was, but never put herself above anyone else. She kicked our butts if we messed up, kicked anyone else's butts if they messed with us. Taught us right, made us pay the price when we were wrong. She was the epitome of the word grace."

Donnie went on to share several anecdotes about growing up in Massachusetts under his mom's roof. 

"It's time to rest peacefully, mom," he wrote. "I love you, miss you, thank you and will celebrate you, today and always."

Court matter

Robert De Niro 'forced' to work to fund ex's 'thirst for Stella McCartney'

Robert De Niro is struggling financially due to his ex's extravagant lifestyle, according to his lawyer. 

The "Meet The Parents" star is currently going through a vitriolic divorce with his ex, Grace Hightower. In a court hearing on April 16, Robert's lawyer condemned Grace's "thirst for Stella McCartney" and penchant for buying expensive jewelry, Page Six reported. 

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The former couple signed a prenuptial agreement, but the terms haven't kicked in yet. Until then, De Niro has been funding his estranged wife, but her lawyer claimed the on-screen legend has continued to cut the amount of money he gives her. The lawyer said De Niro, who filed for divorce in 2018, previously paid $375,000 a month in Grace's credit card expenses, but he has since cut it down to $100,000. 

"Mr. De Niro is 77 years old, and while he loves his craft, he should not be forced to work at this prodigious pace because he has to," De Niro's lawyer told the court. "When does that stop? When does he get the opportunity to not take every project that comes along and not work six-day weeks, 12-hour days so he can keep pace with Ms. Hightower's thirst for Stella McCartney?"

The lawyer, who admonished Grace for allegedly spending over $1 million on jewelry in 2019, added, "[De Niro] could get sick tomorrow, and the party's over."

De Niro's lawyer contended that the two-time Oscar winner is millions behind on his taxes and noted that the money he makes from his next two films needs to go toward that. But, Grace's lawyer said De Niro is supposed to pay her so she can "maintain the status quo" lifestyle she has become accustomed to.

"If he wants to direct or compel his family to leave their longtime home while he's spending millions and millions and millions on himself, on his own homes, on renovating what his lawyers tongue-and-cheek call his cottage in Montauk, which he has poured millions and millions into over the past couple of years, he can take that position," her lawyer said. "There have been no cutbacks and no slowdowns in Mr. De Niro's lifestyle whatsoever. When Mr. De Niro goes to brunch Sunday in Connecticut, he charters a helicopter up there. When he flies down to see his friends in Florida or wherever else, it's a private jet."

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The amount of money being fought over was not lost on the judge in the case. 

"I want to get these parties divorced," Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper said. "I want to get Ms. Hightower and Mr. De Niro to go their separate ways. They will still come out of this richer than almost any human being who walks this Earth."

Earlier in the hearing, Page Six said the judge reminded both sides, "There is nothing ordinary about these expenses. For 99.9999 percent of the world, these are extraordinary to an almost unimaginable degree."

Weight watcher

Sherri Shepherd shows off 20 pound weight loss

Sherri Shepherd is a loser.. a weight loser!

The former "The View" co-host showed off her 20 pound weight loss by strutting around her backyard listening to Bruno Mars. Just a few days prior, she stunned in a form-fitting black dress. 

"I lost 20lbs!!!!" she wrote on Instagram, while also indicate she partnered with Wellness Website Healthy Wage. "My goal was 15lbs but I just hit 20lbs!"

"It's been a journal of mental self talk… believing in my worth… knowing my son Jeffrey needs his Momma healthy & whole and wanting to live a life filled w joy," she wrote on social media. "I've shed tears because I relied on sugar & carbs (the bad ones), cookies & candy to get me through but In changing my lifestyle and my relationship to food, I love the way I feel."

Sherri said she's "clear headed… more clarity, focused & walking in my purpose!"

At her heaviest, Sherri weighed nearly 200 pounds.


The "Call Your Mother" star told an Instagram follower that she has eliminated sugar, dairy, beef, pork, alcohol and soft drinks from her diet. She also doesn't eat after 7 pf 8 p.m. As for fitness, the "Dish Nation" host said she's still does Zumba, but she's also incorporated roller-skating and pole dancing into her routine. 

"Life is too short to sit still! I decided to take pole fitness classes," she wrote on Instagram earlier in the week. "My stomach & thighs were burning when I was done. But those body rolls almost took me out. Take a risk and try something that scares you… and see the blessings that follow!"

Ring thing

Bella Thorne buys engagement ring for fiancé

Bella Thorne plays by her own rules. 

David Fisher/Shutterstock

Back in March, the actress' beau, Ben Mascolo, popped the question with a huge diamond ring. On April 16, Bella answered in kind.

"She got me an engagement ring," he captioned a series of images that show him donning a gold band. One image actually shows Bella on one knee after putting the ring on his finger. 

Fans loved the images of Bella gifting Ben with a ring, with many saying it was "perfect." While Ben's ring is pretty, it doesn't compare to the bauble he presented to Bella, which experts say is upwards for 4 carats. Depending on the clarity of the stones in the ring, it's valued at about $100,000 or more. 

Ben announced the engagement on Instagram on March 20 with several images. Two days later, Bella posted several snaps from that magical evening.

"You would have said yes too," she wrote alongside the pictures. Ben commented, "That's the luckiest man on the planet right there."

Cat scratch fever

Taylor Swift addresses mystery of her reclusive cat

Taylor Swift is celebrating the massive success of her re-recorded album Fearless by "addressing a very pressing issue."

The "issue" was about her beloved cat Meredith. 

"WELL WELL WELL you all really went out and left my greatest expectations in shambles this week," she captioned the video on April 16. "Word on the street is you made Fearless (my version) the biggest country album first week of the last 6 years and the top release of 2021 so far. Honestly??? How?? Did I get this lucky???? I wanted to say thank you to you so today I will be addressing a very pressing issue."

In the video, Taylor held her cat Benjamin Button to answer the growing concern among her fans that Meredith was missing. 

"We've been hearing some rumors on the internet recently … I mean they're not about you Benj," she said, "but, they're about your sister."

The video quickly cut to screen grabs of comments worrying about Meredith, including one that indicated Meredith hadn't been physically seen for a year. The screen then read: "The truth is, Meredith just HATES having her picture taken."

Jordan Strauss/AP/Shutterstock

Taylor then posted a hilarious series of images of Meredith looking uncomfortable in front of the camera.

"So, yeah, there it is. There you have it. That's the explanation. She's just a really private little cat," Taylor said. "She likes her business kept to herself. She doesn't like a camera shoved in her face. And who can blame her?"

To end the video, Taylor attempted to interview Meredith about being a recluse. 

"So do you have any comment on the recent allegations that you're a missing cat?" Taylor said. Surprising no one, the cat scurried away.  

Back on

Dale Moss dishes on cheating rumors, reconciling with Clare Crawley

Dale Moss is remaining coy about whether he and "Bachelorette" star Clare Crawley are engaged again, now that they've officially reconciled. 

"I'll say this, Clare and I are in a good place," he said in a new interview, "focused on one another and leave it at that."

ABC/Craig Sjodin

In January, Dale announced on Instagram that he and Clare had split up. At the time of the breakup, rumors claimed that he had been unfaithful. It seems, however, that Claire never believed them. 

"That was never a conversation, even when we went through our split," he told the Hollywood Raw podcast of the cheating speculation. "It wasn't even a thing. It was never even a topic of conversation."

Still, the cheating rumors "sucked," he said. "When things are going at your character, and something you're completely against, those are the hardest things to handle," Dale said.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

It's highly likely that the couple remained in touch after their breakup, as they were spotted together in Florida hand-in-hand one month later

"We've never hid throughout this entire time we've been around each other," Dale insisted. "We are definitely taking time, and spending time together. Clare and I, we're in a good place."

The former football player-turned-model said he wasn't putting a label on their relationship for now, at least not publicly.  

"When the time is right we will definitely talk about all those things," he said. "For right now, we're just focused on one another. We're keeping things private and that's working for us, in time we'll speak about that together."

We'll call this After After The Final Rose.

Gun control advocate

Madonna blasts Instagram user critical of her gun control post

Madonna shot back at an Instagram user critical of a recent post calling for gun control.

This week, Madge posted a video of Daunte Wright's shooting death at the hands of police.

"This is so infuriating and unacceptable. God Bless Daunte and his family," she said, adding a hashtag advocating for gun control.


After posting this, one of the singer's 15.8 million Instagram followers felt that Madonna was living a double standard. 

"I would bet you have people with guns to protect you and your family. But the little people can be left unarmed," the person, named Karen, wrote. "If you take the guns away criminals will ALWAYS find weapons. The rest of us innocent people will be victims. You live behind walls with protection. You do not live in the real world."

Madonna, who clearly reads the comments people leave on her social media, wasn't about to let this person have the last word.

"I don't have any security or armed guards around me. Come see me and tell me to my face how not real world is. I dare you," Madonna responded, according to The Blast. "You know nothing about me or my life. The only criminals I see right now are the police who are paid to protect the people. But police are protected by judges and the criminal justice system which is a joke because there is no justice if you are a person of color."

Madonna added, "Of course, your name is Karen."