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Farrah Abraham is already feuding with her "Teen Mom OG" co-stars! And, no one is surprised.

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On April 20, the reality-TV personality turned adult film star rejoined her castmates to star in MTV's new series "Teen Mom OG." In true Farrah fashion, her return was marked with tantrums, tears and confrontations with the crew -- which reminded us why she originally got booted from the show after the other moms refused to work with her.

But it wasn't her big return that started her latest feud with fellow "Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood -- it was what she said on the podcast "Shane and Friends" that has Amber up in arms!

"The executives who had to call and say 'We're so sorry for letting you go.' They had to show they made the wrong choice at first," Farrah told the podcast. "I shine so I don't care. Honestly, I think everyone who is successful and does work hard, that speaks for itself. They end up apologizing for nasty s--- they say so [expletive] 'em."

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Though Farrah had a few choice words about her castmates and the direction of the show, she did speak fondly of Amber, who spent 17 months behind bars after violating her probation and refusing to complete her court-ordered rehab. "She's very tame. I'm actually proud of her. I blame [her jail-time] on MTV. She's out, and she is the most stable person on this cast other than myself. She's very quiet and calm now," Farrah said.

Despite the adult star's shockingly sweet remarks, Farrah's interview with the podcast did not sit well with Amber. "Haha I just read the podcast @F1abraham l wish I could say everything right now...we both know what the truth is especially with me," she posted on Twitter. "@F1abraham you don't make the show and there wasn't one for years wink wink so get over yourself sweetheart..."

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After Amber's two Twitter disses, she made an about face. "Honestly I have so much love for @F1abraham and she knows it but hey publicity is publicity right...come on."

To be continued…