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By Saryn Chorney

What's hotter than Kristen Stewart kissing Robert Pattinson in "Twilight"? Try Kristen Stewart kissing Dakota Fanning in the upcoming biopic "Cherry Bomb." Whoa! Hubba-hubba, ladies.

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Seriously now, guys -- and gal-loving girls -- Life & Style reports that Kristen, who plays a mulleted Joan Jett, and Dakota Fanning, as lead singer Cherie Currie, will share "an intense lip-lock and their clothes end up scattered all over their hotel room floor in one scene." Um, that doesn't sound PG-13 to us.

"Dakota's very controlled and poised," observed Kristen. "She's going to have to lose herself in this, because it's really pretty heavy."

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And we're sure Dakota, child acting prodigy that she is, truly appreciates that tip from Kristen. Best not to start beef with someone you've got to do a love scene with -- unless you're doing some crazy method move and trying to create palpable teenage heavy-petting tension. (We kind of doubt it, though.)

Now before we get carried away, let's all remember Dakota is merely 15 years old. Perhaps this story is just another trashy example of tabloids misconstruing details of a story to make it sound steamier than it truly is. While it's true that Joan Jett is an executive producer on the film and her teenage character (Stewart) supposedly makes out with another girl in the casting notes, we have yet to see any evidence (i.e. photos) that the other actress is, in fact, Fanning.

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Still, on behalf of all the teenage lesbians who were born to rock 'n' roll, we hope the rumors are tr-tr-tr-tr-true!