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Note to anyone contemplating a grand romantic gesture over social media: Don't do it, because it'll most likely backfire. Case in point: Justin Bieber's apparently unsuccessful attempt to woo ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez with a misty-eyed Instagram posting.

"Most elegant princess in the world," he gushed on Monday alongside a pair of photos showing Selena posing in a gold Pucci gown at the post-Oscars Vanity Fair bash.

So, to boil it down: Instead of, say, making a concerted effort to curb some of the troubling habits that supposedly led to a rift with the recently rehabbed starlet, Justin decided to make a public declaration of schmoopiness (and insult her with a "princess" label, to boot).

So, how did that work out?

Gomez wasn't won over, says TMZ, which claims "she laughed out loud when she saw it, saying it was stupid and childish." Word is, she won't be taken in by Bieber's "old tricks anymore" and is "exercising her rehab knowledge and slamming the door shut on any future relationship."

You'll recall that three years ago, Bieber, 20, and Gomez, 21, attended the Vanity Fair party together, walking the red carpet in coordinating outfits and sharing many an adoring look.

Selena was most recently seen hanging out with One Direction-er Niall Horan, while Justin has been spied with a string of top-heavy model types.


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