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Brooks / Raishbrook / Splash News 1 / 14

Yikes, that was fast. A little more than two weeks after Kylie Jenner became a licensed driver (she turned 16 on Aug. 10), she's already been involved in her first accident. TMZ reports the Kardashian-adjacent teen was behind the wheel of her $125,000-plus Mercedes G-Class SUV on Wednesday afternoon in Calabasas, Calif., when she rear-ended a Toyota, which in turn hit a Subaru.

Kylie's tank of a truck didn't appear all that worse for wear, other than some cosmetic damage and the fact that the Toyota's bumper was hanging off the front of it. The Subaru's bumper was apparently dinged up.

An eyewitness tells TMZ that Jenner did what she was supposed to do: She hopped out of her car, said she was sorry, asked if everyone was all right and exchanged information with the other drivers.

Police reportedly arrived shortly after the collision, but Kylie was no longer on the scene. TMZ says no serious injuries were reported and "everyone involved in the crash acted very cordial toward one another."

Jenner is excessively proud of her Mercedes, which she reportedly acquired several months ago when she still had her learner's permit (her driving lessons were a storyline on the eighth season of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians").

She's posted multiple shots of the truck, including a June detailing session that she billed as a "spa day," and one from a couple weeks ago captioned "me & my baby."

Kylie obtained her driver's license on Aug. 12, an occasion that big sister Kourtney commemorated by sharing a photo of Kylie behind the wheel: "Look out world! @kyliejenner is a licensed driver!"


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