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When last we heard from Minka Kelly, she was trying to fill the void left by her breakup with Derek Jeter by cuddling up to noted starlet defiler Wilmer Valderrama and going on a few hush-hush dates with Jake Gyllenhaal. Now, a long-ago romance could raise her profile in the ickiest way possible.

TMZ says a 30-minute tape featuring a teenage Minka enjoying some sexy times with a former boyfriend is being shopped around. While the video is said to be "semi-professional"-looking and Kelly is "very aware of the camera," the question of how old she was at the time it was shot could prevent it from getting a wider release.

Seems a couple of Brandy songs can be heard on the tape (Minka apparently dances and sings along to them), but they're from an album released on June 8, 1998, a few weeks before Minka turned 18. The (albeit) small possibility that she was a minor when the nooky was allegedly captured for posterity could make the tape an X-rated hot potato.

The actress' rep has yet to comment.


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