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Twi-hards have been camped out for days to catch a glimpse of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at the Los Angeles premiere of "Breaking Dawn -- Part 2" on Monday night. What should they expect to see on the red carpet from the rekindled flames? Assuming Robsten deign to pose together, some contradictory body language may be on display, if recent sightings are any indication.

Last Thursday in New York, the twosome hit up a pal's birthday party at the Beatrice Inn, a shindig that attracted the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, John Mayer, Sienna Miller and R.Pattz's close friend Tom Sturridge.

"Rob and Kristen are definitely a couple," an insider assures E! News.

But the New York Daily News has a slightly different version of events, claiming Stewart repeatedly rebuffed Pattison's busy hands and eager lips.

One spy alleges that she turned her head away and told him, "Don't kiss me," with another onlooker recounting, "She just took his hand off her butt!"

Perhaps after her Mini Cooper-set indiscretion with Rupert Sanders, she's less inclined toward public displays of affection, especially with a leering (we assume) John Mayer around. Whatever the reason, K.Stew was supposedly similarly prickly with Rob at a Halloween party a couple weeks back.

"They were holding hands, and at one point, he put his arm around her. She [didn't seem] as affectionate towards him," a source told People, with another eyewitness adding, "They shared drinks with friends at the party and were in a good mood. Rob was all over Kristen, while she seemed a bit more reserved."


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