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Has Gwyneth Paltrow sacrificed her longtime friendship with Madonna in order to firm up her self-described "sagging ass" and solve her "batwing problem"?

The London Daily Mail speculates that the most recent edition of the actress's inner-aspect-nourishing GOOP newsletter, in which she ponders a "friendship divorce," is referring to the Big M.

The source of the supposed estrangement? Controversial, financially suspect personal trainer Tracy Anderson, who parted ways with the pumped, Popeye-armed pop icon last year but maintains a close, professional relationship with Paltrow.

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"What do you do when you realize that although you may have years of history, and found real value in each other in times past, that you kind of don't like a friend anymore?" Mrs. Chris Martin goopily asked last week. "That, after time spent with this person, you feel drained, empty, belittled or insulted."

Continued the contemplative Gwyn, "My father always used to tell me that, 'You can't make new old friends.' How do you distinguish if someone in your life makes you change for the better or if you are better off without them?"

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Paltrow and Madonna have been chummy for years, sharing a love of strict macrobiotic diets, London and Stella McCartney; they reportedly spent time together over New Year's.

But, a source alleges, "Madonna had a series of dramatic fallouts with Tracy. Gwyneth has refused to take sides, which annoyed Madge." Now, says the paper, "Gwyneth has distanced herself from Madonna."

That's apparently news to the Oscar-winning mom of Apple and Moses.

When we contacted Paltrow's spokesman for comment on the purported rift with her A-list pal, he told us, "It is absolutely not true."

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This isn't the first time one of Gwyneth's GOOP missives has turned into a blind item. In April of 2009, many an eyebrow was raised in the direction of Paltrow's onetime friend Winona Ryder after she revealed how "back in the day," she "had a 'frenemy' who, as it turned out, was pretty hell-bent on taking me down."

Gwyn says she tried to "take the high road. But one day I heard that something unfortunate and humiliating had happened to this person. And my reaction was deep relief and … happiness. There went the high road."

As for Anderson, she seems to be thriving in the post-Madonna era. She not only received a recent GOOP shout-out from Paltrow, who secured toned-up testimonials from Courteney Cox and Kristin Davis, but she also has a "docusoap" in development with the CW.

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