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By Kat Giantis

Two months after Ryan Gosling and Blake Lively were spied together at Disneyland, rumors of a romance between the easy-on-the-eyes pair are heating up.

"They've been out a few times and are definitely into each other, but I don't think it's super serious or anything right now," a buddy of the "Blue Valentine" actor tells E! Online. "Yeah, they're casually dating, but I could see it becoming more."

Ryan, 30, and Blake, 23, sure looked into each other as they cozied up at a post-premiere bash for his critically acclaimed (and now R-rated) drama in New York on Tuesday night.

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According to People mag, the fair-haired honeys were "almost inseparable," sitting thisclose and chatting.

And when Gosling attempted to get up, the leggy "Gossip Girl" starlet, who split from co-star Penn Badgley shortly after her trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, "yanked him back" in order to continue their tête-à-tête.

"They weren't obviously all over each other, but it seemed like they were together," a source adds to E!. "There were times when they would be sitting down and he would kind of lay his hand on her knee. They were smiling, laughing. They looked happy!"

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But it seems the evening did have its share of drama.

"This is like a scene out of 'Gossip Girl,'" a spy tattled to WWD. "Chace Crawford is by the bar with Michelle Trachtenberg, they're both ignoring Blake Lively, and she's now getting handsy with Ryan Gosling in a booth."

The official word from the actor, whose exes include Sandra Bullock (are we the only ones hoping for a reunion?) and his "Notebook" leading lady, Rachel McAdams?

"She's an incredible actress; she's a good friend," he enthused to People on Thursday, before adding of Hollywood romances, "You're not allowed to have friends in this business."

So, do you think Ryan and Blake make sense as a couple? Tell us in the comments.

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