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Dan Steinberg / Invision/AP 1 / 3

By Melissa Hunter, Reporting by Corey Podell

The "Saved by the Bell" reunion has been dominating the press in a '90s obsession that hasn't been rivaled since the "90210" remake or "Melrose Place" getting picked up or the "Seinfeld" reunion or, wait, there's a perpetual '90s obsession. But this one's good, too.

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And life imitates art by way of this reunion, as all of the cast members were featured on the cover of People magazine except for Dustin Diamond (aka Screech), who was left to the wayside. And while Mark-Paul and Tiffani (aka Zack and Kelly, obvs) both have gotten serious cred through their individual spoofs (Mark-Paul on "Fallon" and Tiffani's Funny or Die vid), Dustin has only received harsh criticism -- and potentially has a massive flop on his author-ish hands. Nerds always lose in the end, Dustin. You should know this by now.

At the NBC press tour, Wonderwall caught up with Tiffani, who is promoting her new USA show "White Collar." But let's be real: All we want to hear about is "Saved by the Bell." When we asked how her motivation behind the video "Tiffani Thiessen is Busy," she told us, "I know you guys have heard all the news about the 'Fallon' thing, and I had to answer in some way. A lot of people didn't know the People magazine [article] was coming out and that was the reunion that all of us had agreed upon. We didn't want to do much more than that."

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But what about the "Jimmy Fallon" reunion? She says, "Mark-Paul went on 'Fallon' and was brilliant. I was so proud of him. But he wasn't really going back to do the reunion."

Ahh, Zack Morris, up to your antics again! But, really, would there ever be a taped reunion? Please, oh please, oh please? "Never say never, but at this point, no," she says.

Argh! Break our hearts again, why don'tcha?

So why toy with us with the video, Tiff? She explains that after the Mark-Paul interview, "I look like the only one who is refusing which is not the case, but I wanted to make light of it and make fun of it so we came up with this idea ... The thing about it was that there was a little bit of press saying, 'Oh Tiffani doesn't want to go on 'Fallon'' -- because I'm not working -- and I'm like, 'So not true!' So, I wanted to make fun of it by saying the things that were really occupying my time were kind of stupid."

Funny or Die does an excellent job at getting celebrities to willingly make fun of themselves, it's pretty impressive, really.

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Tiffani, an ex-pescatarian (only eating fish), was asked why she fell off the PETA wagon. She said, "I was eating fish only and I got mercury poisoning. So, I had to get my protein another way, and soy products do weird things to my body."

Wait, did you say mercury poisoning? But weren't you comatose and unable to perform like Jeremy Piven? She says, "Um yeah ... I was still able to work though, so I don't know why he couldn't. Not sure; I was perfectly fine."

EXPOSED! *Sigh* That Piven story is seven months old and yet it still remains relevant. And hilarious.

Way to go, Kelly Kapowski. You defy reunions, stereotypes, and mercury poisoning. You're basically a superhero.