Jennifer Lawrence is just like Us: She totally freaks out when meeting her favorite star! The 22-year-old actress may already have won an Oscar, but she hasn't seemed to let her celebrity status get to her head just yet. While promoting The Hunger Games: Catching Fire at Comic-Con 2013 over the weekend she bumped into Jeff Bridges on the carpet and completely lost her mind.

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Extra captured the hilarious exchange on video, showing Lawrence running down the red carpet to say hello to Bridges, chickening out and then realizing she had already been caught. "Hi!" she exclaimed, giving the R.I.P.D star, 63, a hug. "I'm such a huge fan! Oh my God! I'm so sorry. Sorry, good to see you. I'm so sorry for interrupting you, there's cameras everywhere."

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A reporter then handed Lawrence a mic to interview her favorite star. "What was your favorite movie that you've ever done? Or who was your favorite character? Does it rhyme with The Shmude?" she asked, referring to Bridges' role as The Dude in 1998's The Big Lebowski.

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Watch Lawrence's funny run-in with Bridges -- and find out his response to her questions -- in the video above at the 2:30 mark.

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