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Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have proven time and again that their on-screen chemistry is absolutely magic. Now, in their new film "Serena," the two are getting very close again in the Depression-era drama.

The two stars walked together at the New York premiere of "Serena," where they opened up to ET about the film's steamier moments.

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When asked if shooting sex scenes with each other is more comfortable because of their friendship, Lawrence was quick to say, "No."

"I guess it's more comfortable than NOT knowing the other person? I don't know," She added. "They're just awkward."

"You never know how it's going to be," Cooper chimed in. "But for us, we laughed most of the time."

"I pointed and laughed," Lawrence added, laughing hard.

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The film, which was shot right after "Silver Linings Playbook," follows industrialist George Pemberton (Cooper), whose life and timbre empire gets a little more chaotic when he marries the impulsive and seductive Serena (Lawrence).

So how was the shoot and the opportunity to work side-by-side after their celebrated work in "Silver Linings?"

"We had a lot of fun," Cooper told ET. "We got to shoot in Prague and ride horses."

"We had a blast," Lawrence added. "We always have a blast working together, obviously."

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"Serena" hits theaters March 27.


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