Sometimes all you need is love. Justin Bieber took a break from touring -- and Twitter feuds! -- to spend time with his family at the beach this past week, sharing some adorable images of him and his younger brother and sister with fans.

In one image, the "Girlfriend" singer dangles his younger brother Jaxon, 3, and younger sister Jazmyn, 4, upside down from his arms as the two younger siblings make faces.

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In another particularly endearing photo, the pop star plants a kiss on Jaxon's forehead.

"Put my bro to sleep (with a chokehold) last nigh, JK he fell asleep in my arms but sometimes big bros gotta put their Lil bros in headlocks," he captioned the photo on Saturday, Feb. 16.

The singer's mother, father, and grandparents were also on-hand to enjoy the sun during the family getaway, and the 18-year-old singer excitedly tweeted photos of himself with each of them.

"Vacay with my family," he wrote on Twitter Friday.

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Earlier in the week, the well-coiffed singer got into a tussle with the Black Keys drummer online after Patrick Carney mocked Bieber in comments he made to TMZ.

When asked what he thought of the "Baby" crooner being absent from the Grammys, Carney replied, "Grammys are for, like, music, not for money … and he's making a lot of money. He should be happy."

Bieber, who caught wind of the diss, hit back at Carney on his Twitter on Tuesday, Feb. 12, writing that "the black keys drummer should be slapped around haha."

The young singer's army of fans then turned to the social media site to slam Carney, 32, for his flippant comment -- so much so that the drummer hilariously changed his Twitter alias to be a fake Bieber profile with the same handle.

Outraged Beliebers then continued to flood Carney's account with hateful messages, many of which he retreated.

"Do you even know how stupid and immature u look doing this," one user wrote. "Aren't u like fifty?"

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