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A woman who navigates a shuttle bus at the Los Angeles airport should not be fired for taking a selfie with Kevin Hart - at least that's the point that the actor is trying to drive home.

Genesha Bradley-Douglas was suspended without pay after she stopped her National Car Rental shuttle bus at LAX and jumped off to snap a quick shot with Kevin. The actor is coming to her rescue, though, pleading with the company to "give her a pass."

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"I'm asking National to please give this woman a pass," he said in a video uploaded to his Instagram account. "I love National, and if I had seen me I would have taken a selfie, too. Come on, have some compassion."

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He captioned the video, "I'm asking 'National Rental Car' to please give Ganesha Douglas a pass. She has learned from her mistake. She nor I intended for this to happen. #LoveMyFans"

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In a video on TMZ, Genesha said the four passengers on board the bus were fine with her jumping off to take a selfie. In fact, one of them did, too.

Genesha told TMZ that she regrets the selfie because of the suspension.