Kim Kardashian has two huge closets in her home -- one for clothes and one for accessories. The pregnant reality star gave pal Brittny Gastineau a tour of her wardrobe for Eye on Glam, and showed off her expensive accessories and favorite pieces.

"I think I'm still finding my style," Kardashian, 32, explained. "I try things all the time. Some things work, some things don't."

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But the mom-to-be has turned to boyfriend Kanye West for fashion advice. "He has better style than me!" she said. "He introduced me to great stylists and then I've been working with them."

Kardashian has a shelves and shelves of designer handbags in all colors -- including a Louis Vuitton bag from every collection. But what's her top obsession?

"I have love affairs with so many shoes," she said, and even showed off a $90,000 pair of sneakers!

"Ridiculous, right?" she admitted. "They didn't [manufacture] a whole lot. Luckily I know someone, who was able to get me a pair." 

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And that "special someone" will probably be able to score some sweet baby clothes. "If anyone knows Kanye, they just know how into fashion he is," Kardahian explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live Jan. 29, "and I think he's going to have things specially made."

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Take a peek inside Kardashian's closet and find out who her favorite designer is in the clip above.

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