Kristin Chenoweth's life post-accident hasn't exactly been smooth sailing.

Still, the Glee actress, 44, assured Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan during a Friday morning chat that she's "doing so much better than I was."

Chenoweth then went into detail about the scary mid-July incident on the set of The Good Wife that sent her to the hospital.

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"Basically a big lighting thing . . . fell and hit me," she explained. "Knocked me out, knocked my face and slammed me to the ground. The back of my head got hit on the curb . . . I had a skull fracture, rib issue and neck issue and a hip issue."

Admitted the pint-size vocalist, "I'm issue-ridden, but I'm getting better. I wear my neck brace on and off."

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When asked if her memory or speech was impacted by the incident, Chenoweth revealed that she "couldn't really form a sentence after it happened."

"I'm the queen of multi-tasking. I'm not so good at that right now," she said. "I'll be like, 'Mom, are you talking on the thing you push . . . the phone?'"

"That's been interesting but that's getting better," the Broadway veteran shared. "I'm grateful. It could have been so much worse."

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The support she's gotten from loved ones and fans has also helped ease her recovery process. Chenoweth joked she's even put on "a couple of pounds," from the treats sent to her by well-wishers. Gushed the Oklahoma native, "It made me feel so loved."

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