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By Michelle Lanz

Misplacing a cell phone is a minor inconvenience for a normal person. But when you're Lindsay Lohan, it's a freakin' catastrophe that warrants an emotional breakdown and the help of the NYPD.

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TMZ is reporting that yesterday LiLo, along with some friends and her sister Ali, visited the Mott Corner Deli in New York City, where she accidentally left her cell phone behind.

Big mistake for a celeb. Doesn't she know what could happen if the wrong person gets his or her grubby hands on her phone? (Paris certainly learned her lesson.) Who knows what kinds of pics or texts -- and who's numbers -- are in that thing.

Is little sis Ali morphing into Lindsay?

When Lindsay returned to retrieve her phone, the cashier would not give it to her until reviewing the security tape to make sure it was hers. In other words, the cashier had no idea he was talking to THE Lindsay Lohan.

Not used to being unrecognized, Lindsay freaked out and had one of her friends call police for help.

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In a way the cashier was doing the right thing for LiLo. What if the paparazzi (who were obviously snapping pics the whole time) snatched it? They could have sold it to the highest tabloid bidder.

Considering the fact that the whole situation was completely blown out of proportion, the misunderstanding was quickly figured out before the police even arrived. Never fear, LiLo was reacquainted with the love of her life: Her cell phone.

And they both lived happily ever after.