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According to Celebuzz, Lindsay Lohan went on a $53,000 shopping spree in under an hour (record time!), buying three Rolex watches at a jewelry store in Beverly Hills. Phillippe Briest, the owner of the store, gives Lohan a 20 percent discount because she's a regular customer.

"I dont know why she bought three watches." Briest said, "I guess she just likes having them." Totally understandable...one's for the right hand, one's for the left hand, and one's for ... good luck?

Turns out the third watch, a stainless steel Rolex with a black diamond skull, was a gift, though Phillippe would not reveal who the recipient was. We're gonna go ahead and use our sleuthing skills to figure that one out.

At least now her $800 weekly hair maintenance seems like pennies in comparison.

It's official: Lindsay Lohan, not in a recession.